5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Interactive Education Technology Elements

In the fast-paced world that we are living in today, almost everybody has been affected by the “shiny object syndrome.” This is also true in the field of education as more and more institutions are opting for advanced technology elements inside of the classroom to impart education just because it looks attractive.

Sure, interactive education technology is vastly superior to traditional methods, but a lack of …

How Interactive Whiteboard Technology Is Reshaping Classrooms

It’s a fact that children of this generation are far more tech savvy than those born in the early 90s. This trait can be attributed to constant exposure to modern-day technologies that kids get to interact with from the moment they learn to use their cognitive abilities.

From mobile phones to laptops, and from music players to smart TVs, everything plays its own distinct role in …

How To Use Interactive Flat Panel To Improve Productivity

In this fast paced modern world, productivity is the key to success. New technologies have played a great role in achieving more in less time. The interactive flat panel is a device that is becoming popular for its innovative features that help to do the things in new and better ways.

However, not everyone knows how to use this device productively as it is very easy …

The Boon of Interactive Education Technology for Classrooms

Educational institutions are quickly adapting to modern generation teaching needs in order to provide world-class tutoring to their pupils. Gone are the days when students would rely on theoretical data lying within the pages of their textbooks. Interactive education technology is no longer considered a luxury; in fact, it is now hailed as a crucial part of a complete classroom experience.

How is interactive education technology

Implementing New Interactive Education Technology In Schools and Its Challenges

In the recent years, we have seen there has been a lot of changes in the way education is being offered in schools. This was mainly because the government had changed its needs in the form of government standards and also due to the needs of the students as they approach to enter the job market. The main cause of this change is the increased use …

4 Ways To Effectively Use Interactive Smartboard

The rapid developments in technology have enabled the new and innovative ways of doing things by replacing the old and the traditional. One excellent example for this is the interactive smartboard which is replacing the old whiteboard and marker setting. However, it is always necessary to know how to make the best use of the device. Here are four ways to effectively use the interactive smartboard

Why Interactive Flat Panel Displays Are the New Talk of the Town

When interactive whiteboards first made an appearance in the early 2000s, both teachers and students were awestruck about its applications. For the first time ever, this technology brought teachers a chance to present the lessons in a dynamic way and thus bridging a gap between the relation between a teacher and his/her pupil. With the dawn of digital instructional resources available at the click of a …

How Electronic White Board Brings Convenience in Business Presentations

Business presentations are meant to be free flowing, easy to understand and above all, have a visual appeal. Perhaps these could be the reasons why electronic white board heavily features in many corporate business meetings. The reason being is that it offers unmatched convenience concerning how information can be displayed and shared. For your information, these are some of the impressive features of an electronic white …

How Multi Touch Whiteboards and Related Technology Is Changing Business Meetings

In the continuously evolving world of business and corporate fronts, technology is now playing a greater role than ever before. Now, corporate professionals are making use of Internet based technology and touchscreen tools to communicate better in a meeting scenario. So, what’s the technology that has been in the front of it all? Well, they are equipment related to touchscreen displays.

How is multi touch technology …

Smart Classroom-Beyond The Four Walls

Learning Beyond the Four Wall

Technology has taken the world by storm and has diversified every aspect of life. Opposed to the gone days when information was scarce and sharing it was an expensive undertaking, technology has made access to information just one click away. On this wake, education has been greatly diversified and learning has been made limitless.

Since the inception of the digital concept, …