4 Ways To Effectively Use Interactive Smartboard

The rapid developments in technology have enabled the new and innovative ways of doing things by replacing the old and the traditional. One excellent example for this is the interactive smartboard which is replacing the old whiteboard and marker setting. However, it is always necessary to know how to make the best use of the device. Here are four ways to effectively use the interactive smartboard anywhere, be it a workplace or a classroom.

1. A Better Way To Write And Draw

An interactive smartboard can be used like a traditional whiteboard whenever required. The screen is sensitive to touch enabling the user to write, even using her finger. Or else, electronic pen can also be used for this purpose. It is very easy to select different colors, fonts, and backgrounds for the screen and the text.

It is also possible to create drawings manually and fill appropriate colors in them. All this can be done very quickly and easily because all these features are either inbuilt or can be installed in the device.


2. Create Presentations In Advance

This device enables the user, to create presentations in advance and include necessary images and videos into it, to enhance the quality of the content. It is a scientifically proven fact that the people retain more information when it is presented visually and in an interesting way.

The interactive smartboard provides all the necessary ways to create engaging presentations which arouse curiosity among the audience and earn their undivided attention. Creating presentations in advance also allows the presenter with sufficient time to create and prepare.

3. Organize Group Activities

The interactive smartboard is a lot more than just a projector screen. The touch screen and the user-friendly software allow the users to interact with the information being displayed.

Not only this, they can also control it from a distance using an electronic pen or other smart devices like smartphones, laptops, and computers. This enables everyone to express their views and suggestions and alter or improve the information being displayed in real time.

This way business or classroom presentations become more of a group activity rather than just a one-sided communication from the presenter to the audience. However, specific group activities and games can also be easily organized.

4. Connect With People At Different Locations In Real Time

The interactive smartboard allows the feature of video conferencing. Due to this, people at different locations can attend meetings or classes without having to be physically present at the same location. This saves a lot of time and money for everyone, as there is no need to travel. This has also improved the quality of education as students can attend lectures from the experts all over the world.

As the interactive smartboard is finding applications in various fields, it is also posing some challenges. Many people who are not tech savvy, find it difficult to use such devices.

However, with user-friendly software and proper training, anyone can learn to use it quickly. It is no doubt that within a few years most of the traditional whiteboard and marker systems will be replaced by the interactive smartboards.

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