4 Ways To Use Interactive Whiteboard In Education

Interactive whiteboards have completely revolutionized the modern education systems. They help teachers to devise creative and innovative ways to teach. Furthermore, they improve students’ class participation by generating curiosity and interest among them. The overall result is a better learning environment.

Using an interactive whiteboard in education is not difficult. However, not all teachers are comfortable in using this technology because of the lack of required technical knowledge and the familiarity with it.

Here are four tips for the teachers, who have just started to learn how to use these systems in education.

1. Make it Colorful
It is a scientifically proven fact that, colors make memorization easier. Teachers can use different color within the text and the background on the screen. Though blue or green backgrounds with yellow or white text, are suggested, teachers can create their own combinations according to the needs of their students.

2. Save Students’ Work
The teacher can save a student’s work in the form of documents, videos or presentations with the help of interactive whiteboard. All the students’ work and data can be stored in the computer for the teacher to review later. This saves their time because they don’t have to submit the same assignments again.

student work

3. Facilitate Learning Outside the Class
Interactive whiteboards can facilitate learning outside the classrooms as well. Teachers can save the lessons and students can learn them at home whenever they want. Therefore, the classroom can then be used for further discussion on the lesson that they learned at home. The freedom this system provides to the students can improve their performance in numerous ways as they are no longer confined to some specific time and place for learning.

4. Use the Internet
One of the best features of the interactive whiteboards is the connectivity to the internet. There is a lot of education material available online that teachers can use to make the learning more effective. The concepts students found complicated and difficult to understand earlier, can now be made easier with the help of relevant videos and presentations. With the help of interactive whiteboard, a teacher can improve the classroom learning by creating enthusiasm among the students.

The above-mentioned tips are simple and easy to implement for the teachers who are new to this technology. However, with further use, they can invent their own ways of utilizing it to create new ideas to educate students. Also, there is a lot of information available online regarding the use of interactive whiteboard in education, which is easily accessible.

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