Benefits of Using Interactive Whiteboards in Education

Using interactive whiteboards in education helps teachers deliver more engaging lessons, which are more productive for the class. Also, they reduce wasted time in the classroom. With a traditional blackboard, much time will be spent writing or producing diagrams. During this time, students can become bored or distracted. This is an example of disengagement – the aim of the interactive whiteboard is to reduce distractions and facilitate learning.

Here are some of the major benefits that interactive whiteboard lessons have over older methods of teaching:

1. Interaction and Engagement Are Increased
A combination of visual information, video, text, and audio makes learning more engaging. This is the same principle that made Powerpoint such a hit in the corporate world. The success of projects such as Kahn Academy demonstrates that multimedia teaching is more engaging and effective.

Interaction is also important. There are several ways a class can interact with an interactive whiteboard. Devices such as tablets or laptops can be used to provide input to the screen, or to interact with activities based on the lesson materials.

2. Making Abstract Concepts Concrete
If you have ever looked at your class to see a sea of blank faces, you will know that abstract concepts can be very hard to relay with words alone. But these same concepts can be very easy to convey using images or videos. By using an interactive whiteboard, you can produce these images or videos at the exact right moment.
iwb Board
3. Faster Lesson Preparation
There are lots of existing lesson materials, videos, activities and other resources that you can freely use in your classes. You could also license commercial software and educational materials from companies that develop them for schools.

But it’s easy to develop your own materials. The simplest way to do it is to use normal presentation software – such as Powerpoint, or a similar program. These applications use a simple drag-and-drop approach to compiling a presentation. Presentations can contain links to make them interactive. You can embed audio files and video, as well.

4. Controls Attention
The first step to getting someone interested in a lesson is to capture their attention. Moving pictures are attention grabbing – it’s hard to ignore them. That’s something TV advertisers have known for a very long time. Now we can use the same insights for a constructive purpose!

Interactive whiteboards are an effective way to seize the attention of your students and draw them into the subject matter of the class.

5. Brings a Wealth of Presentation Tools to the Class
There are many ways to present data and increase the ability of an observer to infer insights from it. For instance, raw data in a table can be difficult to visualize. By putting the data in graph form, relationships become obvious. But graphs can be improved upon. Infographics and data visualizations can make these concepts immediately and stunningly apparent, and can help students gain a greater appreciation of the reality behind the data.

Using these presentational tools in your classroom with an interactive whiteboard lesson can radically improve the comprehension of the entire class.

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