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Benefits of Using Interactive Whiteboards in Education

Using interactive whiteboards in education helps teachers deliver more engaging lessons, which are more productive for the class. Also, they reduce wasted time in the classroom. With a traditional blackboard, much time will be spent writing or producing diagrams. During this time, students can become bored or distracted. This is an example of disengagement – the aim of the interactive whiteboard is to reduce distractions and …

The Perfect Teaching Tool For New Age Teachers

With  interactive whiteboards (IWB), you have the opportunity to introduce your classroom to a whole new world of visual perception. Lectures of today don’t have to be cut and dried presentations backed up by old fashioned overhead projectors or chalkboards. Today, you can treat your students to lively multimedia presentations that make learning interesting, exciting and fun.

Formerly Dull, Tedious Concepts Spring To Life!
Think about …

Whiteboard vs. Chalkboard

The chalkboard is an enshrined part of the classroom- but the advent of the smart interactive whiteboard may well change that. Already revolutionised in the 1990s by the introduction of the traditional whiteboard to the classroom, the days of the chalkboard are looking more and more numbered.

Of course, the need to have a manner of displaying visual data in the classroom is almost as old …