Creative Ways on How to Use the Digital Whiteboard

The 21st century is an era that has been marked by massive leaps in technological advancement, and academic institutions all over the world have taken advantage of this to provide virtual learning services. Some institutions have even gone as far as modernizing teaching in the classroom through the use of digital whiteboard. This has led to a significant improvement in the delivery of education, as students are more engaged and easily motivated in the classroom.

However, despite the numerous achievements that have been made in the field of education due to technological advancement, the digital whiteboards are still relatively new tools, and thus there is a bit of confusion on how they can be effectively utilized. Fortunately for you, below are some of the top ways in which this revolutionary technological tool can be used in the classroom:

1. Displaying Online Resources

Teachers who teach using digital whiteboards can take content from the internet and transfer it to the board, where it can be accessed by students. The content that can be taken from the web includes research papers, notes, interactive games, and useful applications such as timers and stopwatches. The use of these online resources helps to motivate the students in the classroom, which increases their level of participation.

2. Online Educational Games

With digital whiteboards, teachers can access the endless list of interactive educational games that are found online and display them on the boards for the students to solve. This helps to add an element of fun in the learning process, which motivates the students to become more involved in the classroom.

3. Displaying Visual Aids

One of the main benefits of digital whiteboards is that they can be used to display detailed pictures, images, and other visual aids such as charts and graphs. The use of detailed visual content, which is almost impossible in a traditional classroom, helps to increase the level of concentration in the classroom, making it easy for the students to learn.

4. Word Pronunciation

In addition to visual content, digital whiteboards can also be used to play sounds. Teachers can thus use them during lessons to help the students understand the correct spelling and pronunciation of words.

In a traditional classroom, most students would just sit and listen as the teacher gives notes. However, with the onset of the digital whiteboards, learning in the classroom has been revolutionized, and students can now learn and have fun at the same time. Teachers should therefore take advantage of the several uses of digital whiteboards to ensure that their students are more involved in the classroom.

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