Use A Digital White Board To Add Fun & Excitement To Review Games

As a teacher, you are sure to know that enjoyable test preparation is easier and more effective than old fashioned drilling. This is where your digital white board can really come in handy. You can use some fun review programs that are modeled after some of the most popular TV quiz shows. Students will love playing these games and they will come away filled with knowledge that’s sure to stick. These popular games are available quickly and easily as free downloads!

Find Out If Your Students Are “Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”
The television show, “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”, is very popular in the USA. Children and adults enjoy watching and playing, so it makes it the perfect vehicle for reviewing lessons before a test. It’s easy to adjust the game to suit just about any type of curriculum. Simply adapt the questions to meet your needs. Incidentally, you can change the name of your version of the game to match or contrast with your class grade level. Just use the tools provided in the PowerPoint file.


“Jeopardy!” Is A Timeless Classic
TV viewers have loved “Jeopardy!” for decades, and the game has successfully transitioned to home board game versions, online versions and now an enjoyable digital white board version. It is a tried-and-true, time-tested information review game for the classroom. You are sure to be thrilled with the PowerPoint version. In “Jeopardy!” you divide your class to create two teams. All players vote on every question. The team that ends up with the highest percentage of right answers for each question wins points.

Enjoy Interactive Fun With “Deal Or No-Deal”
This is a very popular game that students of all ages around the world are sure to recognize and enjoy. You will be the host of the game, and you will guide your students through the process by having them select a case and attempt to answer the questions that are revealed. When a student decides to “deal” and answers questions correctly, he or she will win “money”. If you play the game frequently, be sure to shuffle the “money” about from one case to another. Otherwise, your students will remember which case holds the grand prize! You may be happy to know that you will not have to contend with the usual “mean-spirited banker”, so your game can stay pleasant and upbeat.


Learn By Playing “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”
This is a very popular game show in many countries around the world. Most students will be familiar with it, but even if they are not it’s quick and easy to learn and lots of fun to play. Students will really enjoy the PowerPoint presentation which includes sound effects. You can edit the parameters of the game to suit the needs of your students and the material you are presenting.
When you quiz your students with these enjoyable, popular games they are sure to look forward to the review process. Having fun while learning is a great way to deeply instill information and build confidence. On test day, your students will be able to conquer questions with ease!

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