The Interactive Whiteboard: An Easy way to Give Kids the Gift of Literacy

Globalization has made the world more competitive than ever. In order to give kids the best chance to fulfill their potential and do well in this brave new world, it is good policy to begin their educations as soon as reasonably possible. At the same time, it is of critical importance to include innovative and effective teaching tools in order to bring out the best in them.

One such tool is known as the interactive whiteboard, and it is helping children everywhere to learn the principles of reading, writing, and grammar more quickly than ever before. This article will introduce several interactive whiteboard websites that educators, parents, and – most importantly – kids can visit in order to put their knowledge of language into overdrive.

This innovative and attractive website features many learning games that are suitable for kids ranging from pre-kindergarten to grade 5. The game that is being featured is known as ABC and 123 Magnets, and is a great way to introduce very young children to letters, as well as the sounds associated with them. When playing, the child can click on and move a variety of letters around the screen; as this is done, the name of the letter as well as its sound is read for the child. This method is a sure way of quickly teaching kids to master the alphabet.


This site is somewhat similar to the previous one, but the user interface is somewhat different; the interactive whiteboard is a central feature of the webpage. Kids can once again click on the desired letter, but in this case, no sound is made. This could be used after the letter sounds have been mastered using the first site; kids could test their knowledge by seeing if they can correctly name the letter in question.


This amazing website is suitable for kids that have mastered the basics of reading and writing. It is chock full of interactive lessons and games that can teach children advanced writing and grammar rules.

The world is full of opportunities and challenges for kids. That said, those that avail themselves of websites such as the ones mentioned above will be setting the kids under their care up for long term achievement.

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