Modern Teachers Need A Broad Technological “Vocabulary”

Good teachers know that in order to be effective in the classroom, it is important to stay up-to-date when it comes to modern technology. Being stuck in the past will never do with the technically savvy, modern students of today. Students who are making the most of the use of portable and wearable technology such as smart phones and smart watches will have little interest in lessons presented entirely on a chalkboard and completed with pen and paper. This is why it is so important for teachers to constantly strive to add modern tools to their teaching tool kits.


Many teachers feel at a loss as to how to go about learning about and implementing new technologies; however, it really isn’t as difficult or overwhelming as it may seem. Think of adding new technologies to your teaching repertoire in the same way you add new words to your vocabulary – a little bit at a time.

As technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, new words are added to everyday parlance on a regular, ongoing basis. When we hear these words, we take them in, consider them and usually strive to add them to our daily conversations in a sensible and useful way. Apply this same way of thinking to the use of portable and wearable devices, laptops, personal computers and interactive whiteboards in the classroom. All of these items can be used together to create vibrant, exciting, memorable lessons.

When you realize that adding new technology to your teaching toolkit can be as easy as updating your vocabulary to reflect the developments of the new century, you will soon lose any anxiety you may have had about learning these new techniques. Just as with any subject, growing and learning bit-by-bit makes the task easy and fun. As you master and implement new technologies, you are sure to be delighted when you see how effectively they lighten your workload and brighten your day.

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