How Multi Touch Whiteboards and Related Technology Is Changing Business Meetings

In the continuously evolving world of business and corporate fronts, technology is now playing a greater role than ever before. Now, corporate professionals are making use of Internet based technology and touchscreen tools to communicate better in a meeting scenario. So, what’s the technology that has been in the front of it all? Well, they are equipment related to touchscreen displays.

How is multi touch technology transforming business meetings?

From videos of full HD 1080p resolution to a wealth of online multimedia, this technology has been in the front of the information revolution. The following are some of the key components and their features:

1. Multi touch screen whiteboards: Utilizing the advantages of touchscreen computing, smart display abundance of opportunities. Move copy objects, reshape, resize, delete, and do many such things with nothing but simple hand gestures. The latest interactive projectors come with advanced configuration capability that allows Windows to work flawlessly with your equipment.

These multi touch screen whiteboards are perfect for holding multimedia presentations as they have motion control to instantly recognize the hand gestures to perform various on-screen tasks.

2. Turnkey multi touch display screens: Make meetings more interesting with the endless possibilities of multi touch screens. With this tool, not only can you exhibit more creative freedom but also inspire the business meeting attendants to be more productive. The multi display feature is a must have in the corporate environment now because gets points across faster than the traditional speech and PowerPoint slides method.

3. Multi-touch interactive tables: This gadget is the newest entry to the touchscreen technology that allows multiple individuals to contribute their points seamlessly in a business meeting. Be it brainstorming sessions, annual reporting, or simply a discussion, this technology can allow people to exchange content in a highly dynamic and visual way.

With motion sensors fitted in a floating panel the huge multi touch surface transforms into a space for creative exchange. Apart from the multi touch screen whiteboards, this device has the potential to play a pivotal role in how businesses conduct their communicative operations.


Gone are the days when people had to sit through boring lectures and business meetings to discuss or learn something. In the age of interactive communication and powerful software, holding a business meeting is only few clicks and button presses away.

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