Routine IWB Tasks

Each interactive device has its own quirks and unique features, and there are even some common interface elements shared by them. Once you have learned these basics, you will be able to do most tasks in an easier manner.

Read the IWB manual below. We hope this advice can get you up and running fast.

Looking After Your IWB
1. DON’T use markers or pens of any kind to mark the board. Avoid highlighters, pencils, crayons – anything that will leave a permanent mark or indentation on the board surface.
2. Only use a stylus or finger to interact with the board.
3. Do not use an eraser with the board.

Using the IWB
Make sure you have all the necessary peripherals or accessories for the board before you start using it. This includes:
1. The remote control for the IWB
2. The electronic pencil / stylus

Here is the procedure for starting the board.
1. Switch the computer on first.
2. Turn on the IWB with the remote control.
3. Double click on the icon for your preferred IWB software.
4. Run the calibration routine to ensure the input is in alignment with the screen.
5. Now you can open presentations, run software, or begin with a blank board, depending on your plan.

Saving Data From the IWB
Your IWB is not just for displaying content that you prepared previously. You can also keep a permanent record of the notes and illustrations you have made. These are a great resource and a valuable reference for use in the future

Here is how you can save the data with most IWB software packages.
1. Click the EXPORT option from the FILE menu: You will be asked to select from a number of different formats. However, PDF and PowerPoint are both highly portable formats and are probably the most suitable option.
Web page
Image File
PowerPoint presentation

2. Choose a name and location for your file: If your computer is on a network, you may want to save this file in a place where your colleagues can access it.

3. Confirm by clicking OK :It is possible to save the file in a format that is only readable by your IWB software. If you are certain that you will never use this file for any purpose other than display on the IWB, then this format is a good choice.

Turn Off the IWB
To prolong the life of your IWB and the projector, you should switch it off when it isn’t in use. Close the IWB software first, and then use the remote control to switch the board off.

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