Smart Classroom-Beyond The Four Walls

Learning Beyond the Four Wall

Technology has taken the world by storm and has diversified every aspect of life. Opposed to the gone days when information was scarce and sharing it was an expensive undertaking, technology has made access to information just one click away. On this wake, education has been greatly diversified and learning has been made limitless.

Since the inception of the digital concept, you can share information with anyone across the globe by just uploading it to the internet. This way, people can learn new concepts and ideas from someone they don’t know and will never meet in real time. The digital infrastructure provides a platform in which learning and sharing of information between the teacher and the learner is a two way process.

The Smart Classroom

With the introduction of eBooks, computers, tablets, smartphones, digital whiteboards which can be connected to a projector, the paradigm shift has brought about the idea of the smart classroom. The smart classroom integrates both contemporary and traditional methods of learning. Classrooms are equipped with high end technological equipment such as computers, audience response technology, assistive learning devices, networking and audio visual capabilities.

The vast multimedia materials available for students in the smart classroom make it more interesting to learn. With the personal computer, digital whiteboard and a projector as the basic constituents, learning has been revolutionized. Learners can understand geography in depth by utilizing Google maps, have lectures presented via Skype, not to forget the endless possibilities of YouTube content can teach.


By using these technologies, higher learning institutions are able to provide global programmes in which students across the globe in different time zones learn simultaneously. It is amazing how with the help of the digital whiteboard and the projector lecturers can teach a large number of students at the same time without much hassle.

A Robust Company

It would not be possible to appreciate the idea of the smart classroom without acknowledging the role played by screens. Laptops, television, films and others play a crucial role in educating and a variety of companies has seen a future in this industry and investing in it. Examples of such companies include anti-glare screens, interactive whiteboards and projectors among others. Amazingly, by getting involved in how education is imparted, companies are pushing to come up with more advanced technology such as Pointwire.

Embracing The Future

With the smart classrooms, ideas have a fertile ground to develop. The humankind will continue to invent even more amazing technologies. By meeting the personal needs of every learner, digital whiteboards are a crucial tool in making the future a reality.

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