Whiteboard vs. Chalkboard

The chalkboard is an enshrined part of the classroom- but the advent of the smart interactive whiteboard may well change that. Already revolutionised in the 1990s by the introduction of the traditional whiteboard to the classroom, the days of the chalkboard are looking more and more numbered.

Of course, the need to have a manner of displaying visual data in the classroom is almost as old as the classroom itself. As the number of children in school grew, so did the need for them all to be able to access the information all at once. The chalkboard- easily erasable, inexpensive to install- was the go to solution to this struggle for decades. Changing technology may well be ending that reign.

Issues with the chalkboard.

The dusty, asthma inducing chalk associated with the traditional board has always been a classroom issue. From the need to swab the board down weekly to remove dust accumulation to the messy fuss wiping it off temporarily caused, it’s been an issue for ages. Those with respiratory issues have taken the brunt of this for years. The advent of the whiteboard at least introduced the dry erase marker above chalk, a noted improvement, but it came with issues of its own- staining, chemicals that can also trigger breathing issues, and a slight difficulty to clean all come to mind. Enter the modern smart interactive whiteboard. Using projection technology, these link a flat white screen to a computer and projector to create and experience where anything, from photos to videos and beyond, can be projected onto the board with no fuss and no need to clean. The smartpen allows children to interact with the board content without leaving a lasting mark, and projections can be saved and reloaded for later use. See more here. 

Where are smartboards most used?

Just as with their earlier counterparts, the IWB technology is most being used in schools and lecture halls as a great new interactive medium for expression and learning. Perhaps, as with the whiteboard in the nineties, we will see its use spread to other business areas like courts, classrooms and even churches.

Is the interactive smartboard a perfect technology?

Of course, like any new project, the IWB is not a perfect technology. Its dependence on technology through PC and projector mean that issues like power outages can adversely affect the teaching experience. Technological hitches will also bring lessons to a halt and require time and energy troubleshooting. And, of course, it’s not a cheap technology. Couple that with the fact that many teachers, less confident with new technology then those they are teaching, complain of a lack of intuitive use and the need to master new software. However, as the technology develops and the world become more digital, these technologies will adapt and develop to become simpler, easier and faster, and they finally offer a way for the teaching world to develop and innovate alongside them.

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